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LDT: "...the use of chlorine as a weapon is extremely difficult."

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DOBBS: Insurgents in Iraq have launched another chlorine bomb attack. There are concerns tonight that insurgents could soon use chemical weapons against our troops in Iraq.

Suzanne Malveaux tonight reports from the White House on whether the United States can do anything at all to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program. Kitty Pilgrim is here tonight with a special report on the United Nations' complete failure to force Iran to comply with its ultimatum.

And Michael Ware tonight reporting from Baghdad on the disturbing increase in the number of chlorine bomb attacks in Iraq.

We turn first to Suzanne Malveaux at the White House -- Suzanne.


DOBBS: U.S. troops in Iraq tonight are trying to prevent insurgents launching more deadly chlorine bomb attacks. Iraqi police call those weapons dirty bombs. There are fears insurgents are trying to use chemical weapons to inflict greater casualties on a scale never before seen in this war.

Michael Ware has the story from Baghdad -- Michael.

MICHAEL WARE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Lou, in the war in Iraq this week, the specter of chemical weapons has been raised with two insurgent attacks against largely civilian populations involving chlorine gas. As a result of both of the attacks -- one in Baghdad and one just north of the capital, in the town of Taji -- as many as 11 people have died and more than 220 have been hospitalized or affected by chlorine gas.

This is the third such attack involving chlorine gas in the past several weeks. A previous attack in the western city of Ramadi late last month saw 16 people killed. However, it's unknown how many of that 16 died from the blast and explosion and how many were actually affected by the gas.

Whilst this is a powerful weapon of terror -- the use of any kind of chemical -- the reality is the use of chlorine as a weapon is extremely difficult. And indeed, questions have been raised about the impact of these weapons. Not so much as a weapon of an attack, but as a weapon of terror -- Lou.

DOBBS: Michael Ware reporting from Baghdad.