BackStory on Kunar photos [UPDATED}

Tommy (now in Kabul) was on BackStory yesterday to talk about his photos from the embed. My DVR missed it but here is the clip from the web:

Length: 8:14 62.1 MB

UPDATED 07.10.11: Here is Tommy’s piece from Best of BackStory, as well as the report that Nick Paton Walsh filed earlier in the week (Tommy producing and providing VO for the translations.)

Nick Paton Walsh
Length 2:50
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Tommy Evans
Length 8:27
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Embedded with U.S. Troops in Afghanistan: Capturing moments

CNN Producer Tommy Evans and Nick Paton Walsh were embedded with U.S. Troops at combat outposts in Afghanistan during moments of rest, and moments of extreme stress and fighting against the troop's opposition.

In the blink of an an eye, or the snap of a camera shutter, things can change. Tommy captured many moments during these times, which show as best as a picture can, what life is like in a mountainous war zone such as Afghanistan. Back|Story really feels the power and emotion that a still picture can capture and we know you do too.

So that is why we called Tommy while he was in Afghanistan and asked him to talk to us about these images; talk to us about what they meant, and the stories behind them as the journalist who took them.