"Iraq: Inside the Surge"

Michael's second special aired on CNN International last night, and it is a powerful, insightful summation of what the surge has been all about. Many of the concepts are ones we've heard him discuss often, especially in recent months, but they are woven together in a tight package that is a perfect precursor to the Petraeus/Crocker testimony which begins tomorrow in DC.

I don't want to describe too much -- a great believer in "show it, don't tell it" am I, and thanks to Délie, the clips are converting and will be available on the site tomorrow -- but I have to mention two things: one is how striking it is to see Michael out in the open in Baghdad (in the GZ at one point, but in other locations as well). It truly is amazing that the rooftop is ever able to contain him at all.

There is also an incredible "reveal" in the first section, one of those moments when you know what's coming but hope you are wrong. A reveal is a dramatic term, and to me it was dramatic, although It was written and edited so well -- not hyped up, just a simply reality in Baghdad -- it's not even shocking or surprising. It just ... is. I've always appreciated the understated way he draws us into his work. It serves him well (as always) in this special, and I grieve for a man whose face I had never before seen.

I am going to post some screen grabs on the blog, and will get the clips (as well as his two appearances on Domestic today) posted as soon as they are ready.