The DC events

Still trying to get everything caught up from the DC trip two weeks ago, but I wanted to get as many of the clips and photos compiled in one place as possible.

April 2, Center for American Progress: "A View From the Ground in Iraq" (video)

Length: 1:25:51
LARGE (400.1 MB) ----- SMALL (86.5 MB)

(I was not using a flash, so the color is way off)

Two ThinkProgress interviews recorded later that afternoon:

Length: 2:47 (11.0 MB) ----- 2:24 (9.7 MB)

April 3, Middle-East Institute: "The Situation on the Ground in Iraq" (audio only)

Length: 1:14:34
LARGE (69.4 MB) ----- SMALL (18.0 MB)

A couple brief videos that I shot, also under low-light conditions:
Length: 0:25 (7.8 MB)
0:13 (2.6 MB)
0:44 (14.0 MB)

(More photos that I took; I slowed the shutter speed, which gave better color but did not freeze motion)