NR: Conflicting reports about the Ramadi bombing

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DON LEMON: Well, horror around a soccer field filled with children. A bomb went off in Ramadi about 70 miles west of Baghdad. At least 18 people have been killed. And now conflicting reports about who is to blame.

CNN's Michael Ware is in the Iraqi capital -- Michael.

MICHAEL WARE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, what we're hearing is markedly conflicting reports about an incident this afternoon in the western town of Ramadi.

Ramadi is provisionally considered to be one of the headquarters for al Qaeda in Iraq.

Now, according to Iraqi Ministry of Interior officials, 18 children were killed when a car bomb exploded near an open field where the children play soccer.

However, according to a Reuters wire report, the U.S. military is saying that one of their controlled detonations slightly wounded 30 people and killed nobody.

Quoting an American official, saying he does not believe that there were two separate explosions, apparently implying that there is much confusion over the nature of this incident.

So all we know right now is in western Ramadi there was an explosion of some kind by somebody. A number of people are wounded. We don't know who, if anybody, has been killed.

LEMON: CNN's Michael Ware in Baghdad. Thank you so much for that report.