Courier-Mail: We remain a lucky country

Michael wrote an opinion column for today’s Courier-Mail:

We remain a lucky country
THIS is what holy war feels like. And yet it hasn’t even begun.

Over 16 tortured hours in a Sydney cafe, beamed live across the country, Australia changed forever.


Michael on 9 Network (AUS) re Sydney hostage situation

Michael spoke on 9 Network in Australia this morning about the events unfolding at the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place in Sydney. One of the national newspaper syndicates reported on his comments.

Lindt cafe hostages 'sitting on powderkeg', says Ware
Mark Furler | 15th Dec 2014 11:45 AM Updated: 12:03 PM

A WAR correspondent who has been held hostage himself says he holds real fears Sydney's hostage situation could end in the worst possible way.


AIIA Queensland interview re IS

AIIA Queensland posted a video of Michael being interviewed, click to view:

AIIA Queensland intern James Turner interviews
former war correspondent, Michael Ware, about Islamic State

ABC (AUS) The Drum: Just who is behind the Islamic State?

Michael appeared on the Australian news program The Drum last night to discuss the history and future of Islamic State.

TheDrum 20140903
[click photo to play]

Just who is behind the Islamic State?
Wed 3 Sep 2014, 6:29pm
Julia Baird talks with former Time and CNN war correspondent, Michael Ware.
Source The Drum | Duration 13min 46sec

ABC (AUS) - Conversations with Richard Fidler


21 August, 2014 11:35AM AEST
Michael Ware
Journalist Michael Ware returns to discuss the guiding ideals of jihadist group, Islamic State.

Broadcast date: Thursday 21 August 2014

Michael is a former correspondent for
Time magazine and CNN, and delivered some of the most reliable and candid on-the-ground reporting from Iraq.

Today he explains the origins of Islamic State (I.S.) the powerful and viciously cruel group now controlling parts of Iraq and Syria.

Michael knows these jihadists: he was kidnapped by them in 2004.

Michael's documentary
Only the Dead, will be released in 2015.


UPDATE: Podcast now available at