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International's BackStory did an interview with Michael today. Due to technical glitches they were only able to air a portion of it, but (thanks again to Délie!) here it is.

In the first (very short) clip, Michael Holmes tells us that Michael felt the need to put on his shoes for the interview. Hey, it was something like 8pm there, so I think it's cool that they can be barefootin' around the bureau! (Plus, it was 110 degrees there today! Yeesh!)

In the second segment, Michael talks about what may happen next week when the US troops are required (by the SOFA signed by our previous administration) to pull out of the cities. If there is a fact to make your blood run cold, it has to be hearing that the Sunni insurgents have stockpiled a three-year supply of ammunition and explosives and are just waiting for our guys to get out of the way.


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