CB: "This has been the Iraqi people's disconnect from the horror around them...the only thing that's united the Iraqi people."

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The former rugby player gives us a glimpse at football in Iraq -- the first international match played in Baghdad since before the war began. For a country that is football-crazy this is a huge event, and for the people who came out to watch the home team win the match 4-0 this was a day to enjoy a glimpse of normality.

CAMPBELL BROWN: If you have followed our coverage of the war in Iraq, you've certainly seen CNN's Michael Ware. He has been the guy on the ground with the troops since the war began six years ago and he's just about seen it all until now.

Michael has our "Breakout" story tonight. His report doesn't come from the battlefield, rather the soccer field.


MICHAEL WARE: Welcome to international football, Baghdad-style. This is Iraq's first home international since FIFA imposed its ban in 2002 in the lead-up to the U.S.-led invasion.

Just here -- excuse me, guys, excuse me -- Iraq is playing its first home game, here against Palestine in a friendly.

This is an incredible scene. This stadium is chock-a-block filled to capacity with intense security as the war continues. But it's this game, this that has been the Iraqi people's disconnect from the horror around them.

This is what's -- the only thing that's united the Iraqi people. When they won the Asian Cup, the sectarian violence, the entire war paused for just a moment as the entire country celebrated. Today, we see it again.

This truly is one of Baghdad's all-too-few grand days. And it's football that's connected everybody together.

Michael Ware, CNN, Baghdad.

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