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Michael talks to Hala again about the exclusive from the Pakistani army spokesman, and this time her crew has the clip ready to play. He also explains the nature of the Pashtun culture, which embraced many of the social restrictions we associate with the Taliban long before the Taliban actually rose to power. (He refers to the Pashtun section of the country as the Koran Belt, a reference to what is commonly referred to in America as the Bible Belt, the extremely conservative Christian southeast section of this country.)

At the end of the segment, he says that there have been some new developments, but Hala ends the segment anyway ... and I'm still wondering what else he had to say! (Yes, he loses his temper a bit, but he's actually calmer than I was when I first heard it! "What the ...?!?! What happened? What new developments? Wait, don't go to commercial now! Come back!" Alas, they didn't listen to me, either...)