The LA "embed"

As Michael mentioned on his Twitter feed, he recently spent some time with actor Charlie Sheen in preparation of a column about him (which I believe will break shortly, since Sheen’s new show premieres at the end of the month.)

Although Michael was attempting to keep a low profile Sheen never does, so the local media caught Michael on tape first at the MTV Video Awards on June 3rd, then at an LA Kings game a few days later. Here is a round-up of the video and a couple photos from those events.

At the MTV Awards, Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg were being interviewed when Charlie arrived; Michael was intent on his BlackBerry. Here’s a screen grab and a link to watch the clip:


Length: 0:39 ----- 12.1 MB

The incident at Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals received a lot more press attention because several cell-phone clips were uploaded from fans outside the Staples Center. In this first one, Charlie and his entourage arrive prior to the game (you can actually hear the national anthem being sung during this.)

Length: 1:34 ----- 21.5 MB

Then the mother of all ejections, as Charlie learns that those “No Re-entry” signs aren’t just for the little people and reacts the only way a walking inflated ego can -- by taking it out on the security guard doing her job and then playing to the cameras by asking where common sense and civility have gone. The irony of this moment is jaw dropping and would be funny if he wasn’t so pathetic.

Length: 0:53 ----- 10.4 MB

The Daily Mail in the UK posted two full-length photos of Michael walking Charlie away from the guard:

Talk to the hand: Charlie Sheen loses his temper as a Staples Center employee
reportedly refused to let him back in the stadium after he and his friends
stepped outside for a smoke break.

Time to go: Charlie’s friends tried in vain to remove him from the situation but the damage was already done