"Inside the Surge," yesterday's clips, and today's testimony

The clips from yesterday's appearances on The Situation Room and Election Center are up, as well as the "Inside the Surge" special. Sorry these took so long; the conversions had my poor little PowerBook slogging away all night!

Also, MediaBistro had this item on their DC tipsheet this afternoon:

TUESDAY APR 08, 2008
Ware On Capitol Hill

A tipster tells us that CNN's Michael Ware was in today's Senate hearing with Gen. David Petraeus and Ryan Crocker. Ware had one of his feet up on a chair and his head resting in his hand, eyes closed. Was maybe even napping.

Said our tipster: "He's a badass for living in Iraq for five years, so he's allowed to sleep anywhere in my book."

I have never seen anyone so exhausted and still functioning. I hope he's heading home for a hugely deserved vacation once the testimony ends! He's already been on TSR three times today; and it sounds like he's heading back to Baghdad.