Another country, another riot

Bet you thought Tommy was slacking off, sipping margaritas pool-side somewhere, right? No? Well, he sure isn’t... he is in Cairo covering that revolution. More fighting in the streets, more teargas, more craziness.

Earlier today, Ben Wedeman described on the air how he, Tommy, and Mary Rogers had a rough time with police, who tore the camera out of Mary’s hands while she was filming.

At about 1:00 local time the crew -- Mary Rogers, Tommy Evans and I -- were right off Tahrir Square when we were between a group of protesters and a very large group of policemen, plain clothed and otherwise. And they sort of -- about 12 of them gathered around us, threatening to beat us with their clubs and sticks, and, you know, they wanted to take the camera.

We struggled with them to keep the camera, but they broke it. They broke it and then just took it away.

On AC360 tonight, he also described Tommy going practically eyeball-to-eyeball with one of the cops in an attempt to get the camera back (to no avail, sadly.)

And Sharon managed to grab this off the CNN webcam -- Tommy checking out what is happening on the street outside their hotel:

Photos from Friday Prayers

These photos that Tommy took of Friday prayers in Tunis were posted on the Back|Story Facebook page:

Teargassed in Tunisia

Tommy is back on the streets and experiencing the joys of Tunisian teargas!

Length: 5:44

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Tunisian Unrest

Tommy is in the midst of the Tunisian revolution, working with Ben Wedeman, who takes him to see all the fun hot spots -- the police station, the street protests, the angry mobs...

Length: 7:46

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