September 2009

More BackStory in Kandahar

Another look behind the scenes in Kandahar, with "Sir" Tommy and Sarmad giving us some local color:


Sarmad Qasiri's photo

One of the photos taken by cameraman Sarmad Qasiri and posted online:


Filming in Kandahar [UPDATED]

Another cross-post... a look at the filming of a piece in Afghanistan. The guys all wear the local garb, known in Iraq as a salwar kameez and in Afghanistan as a kurta:

Length: 3:07

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This is what Michael Holmes wrote about the piece beforehand in his Facebook note:

Tuesday Note From Michael

 Today at 12:02pm

It's always good to hear from my old mate Tommy Evans. Not just because he's a great guy and chief organiser of our Fantasy Football League (gridiron/NFL/American football, that is).

It's also because he's a top producer and just happens to be producing Mr Ware at the moment.

They've already filed some "RON" (run of net) material, but today we got their first BackStory, as they prepared to tape material in Kandahar.

Tommy does a fine job with the Flipcam* as he explains some of the realities of working as a news crew in a city pretty much surrounded by elements of the Taliban. Also, the gals here think Tommy and the lads all look pretty sharp in a Kurta. Google it.

*Correction from the field: Tommy's not rocking the Flipcam - it's the much heavier Sony Z-1.  Now you know!