Michael Ware


Aug 2007

More old audio clips

Sharon dug up two more audio interviews, these from Air America radio network. The first is from January 2006, when Michael was in NYC and was interviewed on "The Mark Riley Show." The second is from November 2005, when he was interviewed by phone for "The Randi Rhodes Show." Thanks again, Sharon!

"No End in Sight"

This is another entry that has nothing to do with Michael... but I have been hearing/reading so many impressive reviews about this new documentary "No End in Sight," which chronicles the ways in which we screwed up the invasion/occupation, that I thought I would post the trailer. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this... no matter how much it will hurt.


Another HuffPo rave-up

The Huffington Post has another article about Michael.
(Although what they call "prescience" I would term "lots of smarts and a willingness
to be honest about the situation" ... but I guess that's too long for a headline.)

The Scary Prescience of Michael Ware
Huffington Post   |  Rachel Sklar   |   August 16, 2007 02:23 PM

CNN's Michael Ware, formerly Time's Baghdad correspondent, rarely has good news. Not really surprising, since he's one of the few — very few — journalists who has been in Baghdad since before the U.S. invasion. His reports are often bluntly pessimistic and contradictory of the official version, and all too often, right.


Some additional footage?

Since I added this morning's clip to the Video area I have also added a short clip that aired during the second hour of American Morning. It was about the current offensive in Diyala province, but I believe some of the footage may have come from Michael's camera. I can't be sure, of course, but that seemingly telltale from-the-ground-up angle makes me think so...so I uploaded it.

Another old Aussie interview

Sharon strikes again! She found a terrific interview that Michael did for ABC Radio in Australia back in December of 2004, regarding the future of journalism. He discusses his own methods and what he has to do to get to the truth in the midst of a war zone. Both the audio clip and print transcript can be found here.