Michael Ware


Jun 2007

FRONTLINE: The Insurgency

I've done a new edit of the Frontline episode that Michael was in last year. It takes advantage of the new QT standards. (Translation: it's a whole lot bigger and sharper!)

TIME articles

I have completed uploading all of Michael's bylined TIME articles into the Print section. There are about 75 new entries, going all the way back to the Sydney Olympics in 2000 (although most are from Afghanistan and Iraq.)

Lara Logan

Another item that has nothing to do with Michael, but Lara Logan was on Reliable Sources this morning talking about the story she did for CBS regarding the children found in terrible conditions in an orphanage in Baghdad. Her description of tracking the story was extremely interesting and gives a fascinating glimpse of the incredible amount of behind-the-scenes work that goes into the reports we see on the air.

The clip is available

Vacation's over!

Multichannel News (published by Variety) reports that Michael will be part of CNN's World Refugee Day reporting tomorrow:


New audio

Thanks to a heads-up from Sharon in San Francisco, I have added two short audio podcast interviews with Michael and his producer, Thomas Evans.

UPDATE: Some people were having problems with the files, so I have converted them. If you were unable to play them before, you should be able to now.