Michael Ware


May 2007

CNN Anniversary

Today is the one-year anniversary of the announcement of Michael joining CNN. It has certainly been an extraordinary twelve months of reportage from Beirut and Baghdad. As an indication, the number of video pages on this site "pre-CNN" is 20; since he signed there have been 337.

I think that calls for a drink! Somebody buy that man a beer and put it on my tab!

New interview online

Big thanks to Suzanne, one of the site's Aussie friends, for sending this link to a television interview Michael did in Brisbane last week.


More old articles

Some more of Michael's articles from The Courier-Mail. No more "personal" info, just some examples of his writing. These are the longest articles available in the archives.


Some old gems...

All right, I know everyone is bored while Michael is away, so I'm posting some old articles for your enjoyment...


Stunning photo

This was shown during Michael Holmes' "Month of Mayhem" SIU special.

HufPo raves up Michael

Arianna Huffington posted a blog entry about Michael's interview on AC360 Tuesday night, when he and David Gergen discussed the latest call for benchmarks.

Thank goodness for Michael Ware, CNN's Baghdad-based war correspondent. Amid the hot air, his reporting is like a bracing splash of ice cold water to the face. A jolt of from-the-belly-of-the-beast reality. A wake-up call delivered via jackhammer. With an Australian accent.