Michael Ware


Jul 2007

New audio clip

Sharon sent me a link to a radio interview that Michael did last week when the Iraqi soccer team won the semi-final game.

Aussie TV interview

Suzanne let me know that Michael was on an Australian TV show last night and sent the link for the show's website. I was able to get video and transcript off the site, so you can check out the interview here.

New bio

I was invited to write up a bio of Michael for the excellent "All Things Anderson" blog, and it was posted today. You can check out the original posting on ATA here and it is now available here on this site, as well.

Old NBC clip

Sharon dug up another great old clip... this time a video clip from NBC, from the Battle of Fallujah in early November 2004. The clip is the same size as the source material.

A couple old audio clips

Sharon has sent a couple NPR clips she dug up -- one is from three years ago today, July 12, 2004, and features Michael discussing the huge upgrade in quality of insurgent propaganda films once Zarqawi started doing them. (Fascinating point -- "They have combat camera units and they have been pre-positioned to document these operations for months and we didn't know.")

The second clip was recorded December 15, 2005, the day after
election day, in which he describes the large turnouts in different neighborhoods.

Official photo

CNN has finally posted an official photo of Michael, and it's a beauty:

To read the official bio, check out his page on CNN.